MP launches a new range of car “FULL AMBIENTUM”
24 October, 2018
MP consider safety as a priority
4 January, 2019
OHSAS certified 18001:2007

At MP we firmly believe that people are always more important than the work they do, and this is the basic idea from which we define our Health and Safety Policy.

According to this compromise, we have recently certificate our safety management system according to OHSAS 18001, the most important Occupational Health & Safety standard, thought Aboma certifying company. In the next audits, the system will change to ISO 45001 according to the transition period.

Thanks to this improvement, our company will continue improving the accident and incident ratios, monitoring of compliance with legal requirements, promoting a safe working environment for our workers and collaborators and increasing the safety culture of MP at all levels.

MP Way: No job is more important than a human life.

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