New Ikea shops opening in Spain and UK

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18 April, 2017
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18 April, 2017
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During the last year MP lifts has opened a new Ikea shop in Madrid, where MP Lifts has installed 14 lifts, 3 escalators and 4 moving walks.
Moreover in Reading, UK, MP installed the first IKEA Shop since 2009. With an area about 32.000m2.
The shop has 5 lifts in the building (capacity for 48 people), 3 lifts in the parking (capacity for 84 people, up to 6.430 kg useful load capacity) and one escalator.
Information about lifts below

Lifts in the Ikea shop: (characteristic of the 5 lifts)
Entrance to Showroom: MP GO MEGA, 2550kg (34 PEOPLE), 1m/s
Market Hall: MP GO MEGA, 2550kg (34 PEOPLE), 1m/s
Worker: GO EVOLUTION, 1500kg (13 PEOPLE), 1m/s
Goods Receiving: MP STRONGO H, 3620kg (48 PEOPLE), 0,4m/s
Kitchen Receiving: MP GO EVOLUTION, 1600kg (20 PEOPLE), 1m/s

E1: MP colina, 5300mm of length

Lifts in the Ikea Parking
MP GO MEGA, 6430kg (84 PEOPLE), 1m/s
P1.1 Car Park passenger lift: MP GO MEGA, 5175kg (69 PEOPLE), 1m/s
P1.2 Car Park passenger lift: MP GO MEGA, 5175kg (69 PEOPLE), 1m/s
We attached some pictures below

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