New MP Lifts facilities in Seville’s Calonge industrial park

MP Connected Lift
19 July, 2018
MP Participates in the Lift Symposium 2018
22 October, 2018
MP's project to combine its production centres in Seville (in Navisa and Alcalá), part of the second phase of the company's industrial restructuration within its 2016-2018 strategic plan, has been completed.
MP’s new production site is at the Calonge industrial park and spans 25,000 m2. It is here that the company now manufactures its controllers, electronic components, automatic doors and mechanical components (machines, hydraulic units and governors).
It also has 1,500 m2 of R&D&I laboratories, which include a semi-anechoic chamber for tests involving electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), instrumentation and systems for tests and characterization of electrical and mechanical components, in addition to various tests towers, one of which can test 4 lifts in parallel.
The building, which dates back to 1965, has undergone significant redevelopment, involving its roofs, floors, loading docks and offices, as well as the renovation of all its installations in order to increase energy efficiency and ensure the very best environmental and safety conditions.
The project involves a major improvement in terms of working environment and conditions for those involved in this exciting project, providing not only the space necessary for future growth, but also boosting our image and the MP brand.

Exterior fábrica ascensores - Calonge2

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