Old northern train station of Vienna

Verzorgingstehuis in Ede
28 september, 2018
Rijswijk, The Netherlands
2 maart, 2018
In the area of the old northern train station of Vienna MP is installing with our local partner NIBRA 8 lifts MP Go Evolution 630kg and 1000kg from 7 to 11 stops with 1,6m/s speed.
One of the lifts is according EN 81-72 but adapted to the local specification for firefighter lifts in Vienna.
Because of the high demand in living space till 2025 in the area there will be built around 10.000 flats in different phases. The project is partially financed from the city of Vienna in order to achieve affordable living space in Vienna.
MP and NIBRA are taking part in the tenders for the next phases.

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