Lifts in Apartaments in Enschede

Vve De Zilvermeeuw
11 July, 2019
Bowlingcenter in Harderwijk
12 June, 2019
MP has installed two lifts in a former bank that has been transformed into high end apartments. We have installed a MP GO! With 1000kg and 3 stops for the apartments and a MP MOBI with 2 stops for access to the basement.
For the basement, that has storage for bikes and also people, we have installed MP MOBI, the perfect solution because it is an existing building and it was not possible to create a deep pit.
MP has worked with a construction company that has created a ramp in the basement. In combination with MP GO! We have offered the complete solution. We have worked with this company in many projects so the relationship with them was also a benefit to get the order. Commisioning April 2019
Enschede Mobi2
Enschede Mobi1

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