MP Lift in the shop “The Sting” in Deventer

Lifts Instalation in Veghel, Netherlands
15 May, 2019
MP Devenco Headquarters
12 April, 2019
MP Lifts has installed a lift in a famous fashion shop In Deventer city, Netherlands, called “The Sting”

It’s an old building in a city center shopping street. The difficulty was the short time to build the lift during the renovation of the building and because of the old building; it was not possible to create a pit for a lift.
Our solution a MP ARES Mobi with 2 stops and 630kg for people with wheelchair and for people with child in a pram.
The lift has standard cabine and floor done by client just like the floors in the shop.
This is an existing client from us were we have done several similar projects with, the client has always the same demands, renovating an old building in a shopping street and needs quick response and action/delivering time from us.
So client has chosen because of the flexible solutions we can provide in a short and agile period. Combination in One-stop-shop with customer intimacy.
Commissioning March 2019
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