Museum Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Woontoren Rotterdam, The Netherlands
27 June, 2018
Snipes Rotterdam, The Netherlands
30 March, 2018
At the museum of Vlaardingen we have delivered a custom-made lift.
The museum has some large art pieces which needed to be transported by lift. In order to transport these items safely we have created a custom-made lift.
We have installed a lift without machine room. To place the sizes of our custom-made elevator more in the perspective the cabin has the width of a 1000 kg. lift but twice the length of a 1,000 kg. lift (1100 mm. wide by 5000 mm. long). In addition to the exceptional measure of length the ride is suitable for the transport of goods up to 1750 kg. and of course for people. Thanks to the completion of both lift and shaft in glas we have combined to preserve a sense of space and create a customized product.



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